Lemaitre Taxperience * advsises BAVARIA Industriekapital Groupon the acquisition of a production location from Philips in Plauen / Saxony

Press release of September 24th, 2012

Specializing in vehicle lamps, the production locations will  continue manufacturing for Philips while developing new products in the area of specialized lamps. The transfer of  ownership of the shares in vosla GmbH, formerly known as Narva Speziallampen GmbH, along with the entire 310 employees and 40 apprentices, took place on September 1, 2012. The German unit of Taxperience International, operating under the name of Lemaitre Taxperience Gmb*H, advises the purchaser BAVARIA Industriekapital Group on the tax aspects, whereas Dr. Lichtenwalder & Colleagues advises on the legal aspects of the deal. BAVARIA Industriekapital Group currently employs about 5,500 persons throughout 14 companies in Europe. Headquartered in Munich, the industrial holding company is majority family-owned and pursues a long-term investment strategy.
Lemaitre Taxperience * is a nationwide active tax-boutique based in Munich. Besides tax compliance and accounting services the company advises on tax law in respect of reorganizations, restructurings, merger & acquisitions and tax audits. The company also provides private clients tax services.
* Lemaitre Taxperience has been renamed to LW TAX Lemaitre Wittkowski in June 2014