Any business, whether new to the market or a well-known multinational entity, is faced with numerous decisions every day – decisions that will often have tax consequences, some of which may be foreseeable and other which may result in unexpected consequences. Access to know-how in the field of taxation is the key to success not only for every business but also for each wealthy private client. We know the ins and outs of the tax environment created by statutory law, case law, and government policy. And, we know how to translate our knowledge into clear and practical tax advice and thereby demonstrate the tax implications of the business or investment decisions made.

Moreover, our expertise in the field of taxation often transcends the mere the provision of practical tax advice. We utilize our know-how when discussing tax-advantaged opportunities with German and non-German tax authorities, when contributing to tax accounting processes or performing accounting services, when setting up a tax control framework, when counseling in tax disputes, or when playing a role in contract negotiations involving material tax issues.

In each of these contexts, the provision of our active input is not aimed to look at the provision of advice as a presentation of available options. The value of services may often be measured by the tax savings that we effect for our clients from the decisions that they make based on strong recommendations provided by us. We take into account not only the current situation, but also the best possible point of departure for the future.

In honoring our core principles by consulting in areas for which we draw from our years of experience, we are especially well-positioned to advise. Our consulting areas are ongoing serving of business and private clients, advice on domestic and cross-border tax-efficient group and acquisition structures, private equity, venture capital, renewable energies and real estate investments, restructurings and reorganizations, transfer prices, VAT, relocation plans, inheritance and gift tax optimizations including company succession planning.

Our clients are international German groups, German subsidiaries and permanent establishments of foreign groups, SME, start-ups, private equity, venture capital and real estate investors and managers. We also advise funds, wealthy individuals and family offices, expatriates, personalities from the entertainment business, sports celebrities, and domestic and international sports organizations.