Lemaitre Taxperience* grows with Deloitte-specialist Dr. Ansas Wittkowski

Press Release of June 25th, 2012

The German unit of Taxperience International, operating under  the name of Lemaitre Taxperience GmbH*, has with Dr. Ansas Wittkowski (38) a new equity partner from the beginning of  July, 2012. Wittkowski is qualified as certified tax advisor. He was head of the tax department at PricewaterhouseCoopers at the office in Bielefeld before he worked in Munich with Deloitte as representative for the competence center for International Taxation. Witttkowski says: "I am looking forward to getting involved in an expanding, international focused tax-boutique-firm with all its benefits". "With Ansas Wittkowski we extend our German unit with an experienced and well known expert in International Taxation, one of our core areas of expertise", so Claus Lemaitre (42), founding partner of Lemaitre Taxperience*. "Our concept is the connection of individual tax consulting in some selected areas with the high level of international tax-consulting. This is very accepted in the market. Therefore, to broaden our business operations, we have decided to take on a further partner," says Lemaitre. "We are pleased to have convinced Ansas Wittkowski and see us with him well prepared for the near future".
Taxperience International is a network of tax-boutique-firms with around 25 tax professionals, who all have a background from international tax consulting firms. Beginning of April a Czech office in Prague was opened. Besides this, in May the former Loyens & Loeff tax lawyer Rogier van Schalkwijk completed as a new partner the Taxperience office in Amsterdam. The Moscow office has been also increased recently. Further talks with potential partners in other European countries are currently held. "We do not have the aim of a Europe-wide coverage of Taxperience. However, if an office or team suits us very well, we open a new country office", so Lemaitre. In all other European countries and in all important non-European economic centers Taxperience is linked excellently by best-friends-relationships. The Munich office is now staffed with two partners, two further professionals and some accounting staff.
Lemaitre Taxperience* is a nationwide active tax-boutique-firm based in Munich. Key to the firm's approach is the focus on the wishes and desires of each client, and a proficiency in translating those wishes into quality tax products. High service, efficiency and direct lines of communication are, of course, indispensable to the firm's mission.
* Lemaitre Taxperience has been renamed to LW TAX Lemaitre Wittkowski in June 2014